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South Shore Open Doors Association (SSODA) is here because we care about improving the lives of everyone, especially our most vulnerable community members. We believe everyone has a right to live in a safe, adequate, accessible, and affordable home. Each of us brings a different set of experiences and opinions. Every voice is valued, and all perspectives are needed. Together, we create solutions that would not be possible alone. We know that ending homelessness is not simply a matter of serving clients better, but about creating environments in which doing better is easier. This is the task to which we continually commit ourselves, and we hold our relationships in trust.​​

  • We believe that housing is a human right.
  • We are equity-driven, evidence-based, empathetic, and collaborative.
  • We are client focused.
  • We value diversity and ensure the community is represented at all levels of the organization.
  • We include and support all peoples in need of housing or housing support services regardless of background, race, ethnicity, gender, sexuality, religion and spirituality, socioeconomic status, neurodiversity, age, and ability.
  • We strive to be strengths-based, trauma- informed, and restorative in our approach.
  • We are accountable to those we serve, to each other, to our community, and to our funders. 
  • We align our work to our vision and mission.


We are a system provider and a service provider. 

We work in collaboration with community service providers who are supporting clients experiencing homelessness/ housing vulnerability.   

We follow the principles of collective impact to influence systems’ change. 

We maintain a Housing First philosophy/approach. 
We follow federal (Reaching Home/Built for Zero) and provincial guidelines.

Giving a Speech
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A healthy, vibrant, diverse, and inclusive community without homelessness, housing vulnerability, or energy poverty.


To open doors to safe, appropriate, energy-efficient, and affordable housing for everyone in Lunenburg and Queens County. 


  1. To provide a coordinated access system in Lunenburg County that is a collaborative community process by which individuals and families experiencing homelessness/housing vulnerability and energy poverty are directed to access points in the community where trained workers use a common assessment tool to evaluate, prioritize need, and to refer them to housing resources and support.
  2. To host a housing support program that assists clients in their efforts towards independence and dignity.
  3. To coordinate a collaborative process that enables the community to advocate for change, to work towards the elimination of homelessness
  4. To make data-driven decisions that facilitate accessibility to safe, adequate, affordable, energy-efficient housing, and to housing support services.  
Realtor Showing a House
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